Scholarship Winners

Our 2017 Scholarship Winners



Marty Blake

Aidan Farley

“I try to get the best out of team everyday…I let them know when it’s time to focus on our goals, but also have their back no matter what”

Marty has been a swimmer and water polo player all four years of high school where he motivated his teammates to reach their goals everyday.  Marty was All-Conference, All-Sectional, and All-state in both swimming and water polo. This fall, Marty will be continuing his swimming/water polo and academic career at University of Kentucky.

“Without having that inner drive(to succeed), it would be extremely difficult…to push myself harder when I was getting beat.”

Aidan has been a swimmer and water polo player for the Eagles all four years. He holds 2 Sandburg Swimming record and is a 5x State Finals Medalist.  Throughout his success Aidan has stayed humble; a quality Jane would be proud of. He will continue his Swimming and academic career at Michigan State University.

Our 2016 Scholarship Winners



Clare Lawlor

Brian Krasowski

“She (Jane) pushed me past my limits everyday and I do the same to my teammates because I know they have the potential to do outstanding things…”

Clare has been a varsity swimmer all four years of high school where she strived as a leader; motivating her teammates to reach their highest potential.  Clare holds 2 Sandburg Swimming Records and was All-American in 2013 and 2015 and All-Conference all 4 years. This fall, Clare will be continuing her swimming and academic career at Rutgers University.

“Though the challenges may appear larger in scale, fundamentally they are tackled the same way, with resiliency, determination and passion.”

Brian has played football and wrestling for the Eagles all four years. He was voted captain for both sports early in his athletic career and strives to push himself and his team to be better than yesterday.  Brian is 4x All-Conference in wrestling and 2x in football.  Brian will continue his wrestling and academic career at Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.